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Allan @ 2016-06-06

T4TD sent a great emergency team to help me our from water flooding. Andrew is very professional and friendly, explain all details with customer-oriented recommendations. Price is same as they roughly estimated thru phone call, no extra charged except a $125 equipment pickup fee which is reasonable. Will surely ask them to repair the holes after everything is dry. Hope nobody will ask help from them. But if unfortunately has to, T4TD is good choice. 4 days later, George visit to recheck the dryness, and do an estimate for repairing the holes made for drying. It's much higher than the flood clean up. It is really surprising...

David Chan @ 2015-05-14

I had my roof redone (shingles replaced). Everybody was very professional and easy to talk to. Everything was done over email (which was convenient but I would have called if I needed to). The roofers left a couple of things behind (piece in my tree, piece on the side of the house) but nothing big. So, they cleaned up really well. One thing I didn't like was the roofers left cigarette butts on my lawn. I think I must have picked up 12 in 3 days. There is a rubber band on my roof but I'm hoping that will blow down. A lot of crap fell down from the ceiling of my garage which I had to clean up. I used a leaf blower so it wasn't too bad but I still had to wipe some stuff down (hose, wash car, bike). Cover up anything you don't want black stuff raining down on and possibly sticking to.

Rabee Hassan @ 2015-04-15

i had a sump pump problem, middle of the night, the guys explained all the details on the phone so that i would make an educated decision, which was something i really appreciated. it did not take them long to arrive on a stormy night, the fixed the problem very efficiently and cleaned everything up before setting their equipment to dry out the basement. they came the next day to take some readings and make sure everything was going well, and they even help with explaining the whole process and what my best options are. I hope no one has a similar problem, but if you did, T4TD guys are the best for the job.

Leanne Scott @ 2015-04-22

This team is a fantastic, hard working group. I needed holes boarded up in my Grandfathers house on a Sunday evening after a small fire, and I live a few hours away. I contacted T4TD, and Andrew called me right away and had a team there within an hour. We were then in a position with a total home restoration from the smoke damage, and we had no house insurance. This team offered information on financial assistance, and worked within our budget. They completed total room gutting, I mean content removal, flooring, walls and ceiling and communicated daily about progress and goals. They were compassionate during the whole process too, and became part of the family for these few weeks. I would highly recommend them!

jackie marche @ 2015-03-17

T4TD were very professional and customer oriented. It was a great pleasure working with a well organized team that work efficiently and professionally while keeping to the customers satisfactions. It's a great feeling when we can all walk away happy and know that the job was well done. Dealing with floods is stressful enough but when you call this team in, it takes all that stress away. Knowing that your things will be taken care of properly and cleaned efficiently take a huge load off the mind. Thank you.

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