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The Reno Coach


Drew Nesbitt @ 2016-09-27

I first saw the Reno Coach signs in our neighbourhood and I was intrigued. We knew we had to do our kitchen but we had not idea where to start; we had never done any renovations before. After having the free consultation with Reiner, it was clear that he knew what he was doing. He got things started with some quotes from contractors who he thought would be good for the job. Reiner does all the things you don’t want to do - he drafts the contracts, ensures work is done on time and makes sure things are done to your specifications. Reiner helped us find the right contractor (they were amazing!), the right cabinet makers (they were also fantastic) and a great place to get our counter tops. We figure the amount of money we spent on Reiner was pretty much made back with the costs we saved on the counter tops alone! We would have never known about this place unless Reiner told us. In the end, the cost of using the Reno Coach was exactly what he said it would be at the initial free consultation. If you are fearful of starting a big renovation project and don’t know where to start, call the Reno Coach. We had such a great experience that we are ready to do the next project!

A Google User @ 2008-11-19

I'd been thinking about renovating my kitchen for a long time, but I kept putting it off because I was so intimidated by the complexity of the process and the horror stories I'd heard about finding and working with a contractor. When I saw an ad for Reno Coach, I thought it sounded like a service that might help set me on the road to a successful kitchen project. My experience with the company more than bore that out. In the initial consultation, Mr. Hoyer was able to spell out for me the scope of my project and help me understand the components that would be required, all in layman's terms that made the entire process a lot less intimidating, and well within my ability to handle. He assessed my budget in very realistic, concrete terms, and suggested strategies for staying within it while getting done what I wanted. He reviewed how to look for a contractor, how to spell out the scope of my project in talking to potential contractors, and advised me on a timeline for the process. He followed up the consultation with an excellent written recap of our planning session, including a site analysis that noted the structural issues in my kitchen that I should make sure were addressed in any bid, and a possible budget based on what we had discussed. Thank You.

A Google User @ 2009-02-11

Reiner has been with us since we first contemplated establishing a new company for our existing home renovation business. He helped us find a good lawyer to take care of the incorporation of our company, was instrumental in setting up and building our online presence, has been extremely helpful in developing our marketing strategy, in referring us to quality suppliers, in improving our communication with customers and the list goes on... His coaching service is simply invaluable. Would recommend him to anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level!

1 Yonge St #1801, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada